Offset says Migos popularized Lure Music previous to the discharge of ‘Tradition 3’

Roommate, it’s been three years since Migos put out a project, but in a few days the group will be releasing their highly anticipated ‘Culture 3’ album. Quavo, Offset and Takeoff have definitely made some hits over the years with their unique adlibs and flows, but according to Offset they have brought a lot more to the table.

While speaking with Billboard about the album’s release, Offset said he wasn’t sure the group got their flowers for what other artists couldn’t – popularizing trap music.

“We broke this trap,” he said. “They don’t talk about it. We got Trap Go Pop talking about selling pounds and bricks and hit Billboard No. 1. Hip-hop artists weren’t that number one, but now it’s just ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’. “

Even so, Offset is confident the group has grown since their last project was discontinued and said their creativity will definitely show through once Culture 3 hits the streets.

“We don’t just make a verse and a verse – we change it,” he explained. “We do things that others cannot because we are the only group. We got creative with our flows so we could stamp another one [movement]. We feel like we’re ahead of the game with this album. “

During their three-year hiatus, each of the Migos released solo projects that showed fans the power of their pen, their unique flows, and the strength of their cadence – another wave that Offset created, according to Migos.

“If you go back in time and listen to music before 2013, the cadence and the flow didn’t matter. It was more about the bars and what they say, ”Offset told Billboard. “Now people can get away with not saying anything as long as the cadence and flow are good, and I feel like we managed to do that.”

‘Culture 3’ is coming to streaming platforms on Friday, Roomies! Are you all looking forward to it?

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