NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick shares who’s the least energetic in group chat

JC Chasez doesn’t exactly bring noise into play NSYNC group chat.

Chris Kirkpatrick exclusively to E! News that the members of the legendary boy band do indeed have a group text and that JC is the least active in it. Why is that?

“Because he’s just an introvert,” Chris remarked at That’s 4 Entertainment 90s Con 2023, which started March 17 and ended March 19. “He usually just answers.”

As for what’s going on in her text chain, Chris shared that the content wasn’t all that serious.

“We all randomly send each other stupid messages,” he said. “We were in a LEGO store. I was there with my kid and they had these here Spice Girls LEGO set or something. I took a picture and I was like, ‘Why don’t we have this, guys?’ So it’s just silly stuff like that, or if we hear funny stories or funny jokes about the band, we send it to each other.”

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