NLE Choppa arrested on a number of costs, together with housebreaking and possession of a firearm

NLE Choppa seemed to be leading his best life over the weekend, taking the stage and performing in front of his fans, but it looks like he’s having trouble with the law.

According to The Shade Room, NLE Choppa was arrested on multiple charges over the weekend in Broward County. From his arrest, it emerges that he is currently charged with burglary, carries a hidden gun, owns marijuana, and owns Xanax.

Details on NLE’s arrest are scarce right now, Roomies, but as far as we know, the young rapper worked diligently to change his life and avoid trouble. NLE previously used social media to showcase the positive changes he’s made to his lifestyle, including meditation.

Choppa also appeared in Fox Souls The Mix, talking about his journey to quit smoking weed.

“After I got these drugs out, I just realized it was all energy,” Choppa said. “I tried smoking when I got out of meditation and ate some meat and after doing that I felt the same as I did before the meditation. I began to understand what made me think a certain way. I’m not kidding you, I caught a cold a few days later and stopped eating meat. I told my friends if they were on my smoking week they couldn’t be around me. I’ve really started to cut a lot out of my life. “

He is also determined to change his eating habits and has advocated the vegan lifestyle on his social media accounts.

Stay with us when details of the NLE arrest become known, Roomies!

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