Nikki Graham’s massive brother dies in mourning for ex Pete Bennett

Former Big Brother UK winner Pete Bennett burst into tears as he mourned the death of his co-star and ex. Nikki Grahame.

The 38-year-old candidate died on Friday, April 9, weeks after checking into a private clinic amid a longstanding battle against anorexia that worsened during the coronavirus pandemic last year. Pete began a brief romance with Nikki when they appeared in the seventh season of Big Brother UK in 2006. They met again for a friendship meeting a month ago. He recently helped promote a crowdfunding site that raised more than $ 94,000 to pay for her treatment.

“We got a lot of money and the amount of love and support for Nikki was overwhelming,” said Pete, 39, in an Instagram selfie video posted on Saturday April 10th. “I thought, yes, we can save her. But it’s okay. She’s in a good place. She doesn’t suffer anymore.”

He went on, holding up a bottle of wine. “So I just want to save a king’s glass, a king’s bottle of wine, more for Nikki Grahame and all the love we have on Big Brother 7, that we really love you Nikki. You were a real winner, Nan. You were great. You rock it, babes. “

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