Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts compensate for the origins of their relationship in ‘Pink Desk Discuss’

Last year, Niecy Nash surprised many people when she revealed she had tied the knot again when she introduced everyone to her wife, Jessica Betts. Prior to their marriage, Niecy had been married to two different men twice, so many people viewed their new marriage as their way of asserting themselves in terms of sexuality.

Recently, she and her wife joined Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Andrienne Banfield-Norris at the red table on their hit show, Red Table Talk. As she sat at the table, Niecy mentioned that she had never been attracted to other women before her relationship with Jessica. She went on to say that she never hid her sexuality and that in her past she was in love with the men she was with while in these relationships.

The couple also shared how they got together, and they also addressed some of the theories people had after it was revealed they had tied the knot. Many people thought they were secretly becoming an item when Jessica starred on the TNT show Clawz, which starred Niecy. However, they said that was not true.

They also denied claims that Jessica was the wedding singer at Niecy’s wedding to Jay Tucker, which was her second marriage. They also denied claims that their relationship began secretly while she was still married to Jay.

Niecy said, “I never cheated on my last husband, I never did.”

They further stated that they had a real friendship for about four years before they became more.

Jessica announced prior to her relationship with Niecy that she was in a long-term relationship and when that ended she didn’t think she would find love again.

Check out the full interview below:

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