Nicki Minaj denies showing in Jessie J’s tune “Bang Bang”

jessie j nicki minaj

Ah ah! Nicki Minaj had some time to clear the air last night after an article in Glamor magazine posted information Nicki disapproved of regarding working with Jessie J. Jessie J said in the interview that ‘Bang Bang’ was already an established song, but she wanted Nicki in a verse.

Nicki and Jesse clearly didn’t have the same description of how the collaboration came about, and Nicki hopped on her Twitter to say she hadn’t heard that song and asked to be featured on the track. Nicki tweeted, “Babe @JessieJ, I didn’t hear the song and I’m asking you to join. The label asked me to join in and paid me. How would I have heard that song? “She continued to tweet:” Chile, what am I the damn song monitor? Sniffing around for songs Chile? Another artist recently said the same thing. You have to stop loving You.”

Nicki didn’t stop there. She also replied to one of her Barbz, who tweeted: “Every time Nicki speaks, you will call her bitter. She cleaned it up. ”Nicki seemed very unimpressed in her answer. She replied: “Who gives AF. I can’t believe I used to care what people thought / said about me, Chile. You’re going to sound so scary. Are you okay, baby? “

When the Barbz Nicki continued to tweet, one of them pulled up an old interview with Jesse in which he said she wanted Nicki to appear in another song. Seems like there is no problem with Nicki because she also replied saying she was downstairs but her label never contacted her.

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