Nicki Minaj and Latto commerce insults after Nicki’s Grammys critique

Nicky Minaj and lact was online last night! Both rappers added an @ to their insults, speaking personally about their family. There were jibes about age, looks, associations with criminals, feigned activism, and more.

On Friday, phrases like “Super Freaky Grandma” and “Karen,” “Scratch-off” trended on Twitter.

Nicki uses Latto’s song to make a mark; Latto reacts

Nicki sparked trend talk on Thursday (October 13) about Recording Academy and how it’s breaking records for award nominations. She expressed dissatisfaction with the categorization of Super Freaky Girl from rap to pop in an Instagram Live. Nicki used Drake as an example of an artist who shared the same criticism in 2017 when Hotline Bling won a Grammy in the rap category despite being a pop song.

She then began comparing the sound, production, and delivery of lyrics in other songs listed in the rap and pop categories, including Latto’s Big Energy.

“If Super Freaky Girl is pop, then so is Big Energy,” Nicki said on Instagram Live. “If you’re taking Super Freaky Girl out of rap and into pop, do the same with Big Energy. Same producers on both songs by the way.” She added, “Let’s be fair. Even if I rap on a pop track, I still rap out.”

Not long after the livestream, Latto seemingly responded in a tweet. She wrote, “Damn, I can’t win if I lose… I can’t even celebrate all these awards/noms.”

Nicki posts a private message from Latto and names it A Karen

Following Latto’s subliminal response, Nicki shared a tweet that revealed an alleged text message from the Clay Co. artist. Nicki pointed out that Latto was a supposed fan, but refused to back up her point on Super Freaky Girl’s categorization.

“This Karen has probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews. Says she waited in line on Pink Friday with her Barbie necklace on, bangs, pink hair… but today Rubbel decides to keep quiet; instead of standing up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration,” Nicki tweeted.

The SMS screenshot said: “I agree with you though because we think you need to put my name/song on it to prove your point.”

After that, Big Latto wasted no time and put an @ on it. She responded directly to Nickis Karen/Scratch-off tweet, claiming that going online is exactly what she didn’t want — this time or earlier this year.

“…I wanted to speak out because like I said I agree, but the way you’re going about it seems vicious, especially. after we quit,” Latto tweeted.

In a separate tweet, Latto added: “I’ve ignored countless subtweets since March and addressed you in the DM instead. You ask why I didn’t speak up in your defense…it’s the same answer I gave you when you asked why I didn’t congratulate you. You are literally older than my mom and trying to be a bully @NICKIMINAJ.

And the back-and-forth continued as Nicki replied to Latto’s tweet that he was a bully. Flipping the age insult, she wrote to Latto: “All the time [Nicki] Thought [Latto] was at least 35.”

Nicki denies subtweeting receipts; Dispute involves a rejected feature

At this point, the Growlz began passing alleged receipts to each other. Latto claimed Nicki attacked her in shady posts online, including one about not following a “dud”.

But Nicki dismissed that claim, saying instead that the dud tweet was about a TikTok creator. The creator, also a Barb, later backed up Nicki’s story and revealed herself as the person who wasn’t being followed.

Then the Pink Friday artist said Latto’s behavior and allegations stemmed from Nicki turning down three films, including Big Energy.

“Age shaming if you look like YOU the one heading for 40. Age shaming, but I begged for a feature. Imagine what genes will do 10 years from now,” Nicki tweeted. “Oh, you’re in your 20s. Oh well then. At least it matches your album sales. You sold 20,000 right? Crazy that you flopped. Therefore insane.”

Latto followed Nickis denials with more alleged additions of subtweets against her. Additionally, she claimed Nicki didn’t deny subtweeting her when they spoke on a phone call. Nicki then dropped her receipts – from Latto asking for a feature in multiple messages.

Each time Nicki refused. In a message, she told Latto that they would both know “if it made sense” to work together — perhaps after one of Latto’s tracks “already has a cultural impact.”

And the words nor the sharing of receipts ended there. Latto doubled down on calling Nicki “meticulous with her shadow,” while agreeing with a tweet in which Nicki snubbed her on Queen Radio. She also shared DMs with Minaj showing that she initiated a conversation about the alleged subtweet on Sept. 4.

“Whatsup? I have only shown you the utmost respect and genuine love as a FAN and as someone who has looked up to you,” Latto said in the first message. “It’s a shame you allow others to convince you otherwise. You know what I meant.”

Latto calls Nicki a crazy granny with raping relatives; releases secret recording of convo with Minaj

Denial was a common theme among the women in their argument. The Atlanta-based rapper reiterated her stand on why she chose to stay quiet about Nicki’s Grammys blast. She claimed the rap superstar told her over the phone that she “isn’t blossoming and nobody cares [Latto’s] little song.”

However, at the end of the heated exchange, Latto apologized for muddled Nicki’s words and released a secret recording of their phone conversation.

Let me be specific, I’m sorry. I’m insane for saying that “we” (newer female rappers) thrive and you said nobody cares about my little lyrics, my bad. FYI I only included because I know who I’m playing with #40yroldbully

— BIG LATTO 🎰 (@Latto) October 14, 2022

But prior to the online feud with Latto’s record, each of the women hurled more insults. Latto went on to claim Minaj subtweeted her, dragging Nicki’s older brother Jelani Maraj and husband Kenneth Petty into the mix. Although she did not name Jelani or Kenneth, they were implicated in sexual assaults involving underage girls.

In 2020, Jelani was sentenced to 25 years to life for repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl at his home in 2015. In July, Kenneth was sentenced to three years probation and 12 months electronic surveillance for failing to register as a sex offender in California. The registration is part of Kenneth’s conviction for the attempted first-degree rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995.

“WAS subverted…super freaky granny is married AND related to fucking rapists,” Latto tweeted. “You won’t bully me B***H! My idol turned into a rival, now you hate it!”

Minaj accuses Latto of being a fake rape advocate

Latto going down with her clapback didn’t stop Minaj from delivering her own sting. The Barbz leader accused Latto of not caring about her association with rapists as she searched for a feature and made other career moves, including choosing producer Dr. Hatch for Big Energy.

“…4. Scratch News Flash. I’ve never raped anyone,” Nicki wrote. I have inspired millions. You are one of them, BOZO.”

Nicki also accused people online of letting others “rape the WORD when dragged.” The rapper also said people don’t blame others for not caring for rape victims “in real life.”

“…They have the same 2 drags on me and one of them doesn’t seem to be on me. That’s how you know when you’re b***h,” Nicki wrote.

Nicki also tried to channel the insult from rapist relatives in Latto’s direction. She retweeted a fan account claiming that Latto’s father was in his late 30s when he got Latto’s mother pregnant.

However, according to multiple outlets, the man’s name in the tweet is not the same as Latto’s father. Latto didn’t respond to that particular claim, though Nicki urged her to “explain that shit.”

Nicki has since deleted most of her tweets about and in response to Latto. At the time of Friday night’s publication, the women had not exchanged any other insults.

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