NFL QB/Potential RFK Jr. VP Aaron Rodgers Is A Sandy Hook Truther

For those who are thinking that RFK Jr. could be a viable third party candidate consider that his potential running mate NFL QB Aaron Rodgers is a Sandy Hook truther.

CNN reported:

CNN knows of two people with whom Rodgers has enthusiastically shared these stories, including with Pamela Brown, one of the journalists writing this piece.

Brown was covering the Kentucky Derby for CNN in 2013 when she was introduced to Rodgers, then with the Green Bay Packers, at a post-Derby party. Hearing that she was a journalist with CNN, Rodgers immediately began attacking the news media for covering up important stories. Rodgers brought up the tragic killing of 20 children and 6 adults by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School, claiming it was actually a government inside job and the media was intentionally ignoring it.

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When Brown questioned him on the evidence to show this very real shooting was staged, Rodgers began sharing various theories that have been disproven numerous times.

The nation already has to get through an election with Donald Trump and his deranged conspiracies. The country really doesn’t need an anti-vaxxer/Sandy Hook conspiracy ticket of RFK Jr and Aaron Rodgers polluting the national electoral pool even more.

Those who follow the NFL already know that Rodgers is an anti-vaxxer with some very out there beliefs and behaviors. Sandy Hook conspiracies are Alex Jones level stuff, and they have no place in a presidential election.

Hopefully, this news ends Aaron Rodgers as a potential political figure and him to keep his conspiracy theories to himself.

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