New York Governor Cuomo briefs the press on the Covid pandemic because the state distributes vaccines

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will hold a press conference on Friday on Covid vaccine sales plans as the state threatens further economic shutdown.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Cuomo warned that unnecessary businesses may be forced to close again early next year unless the state restricts escalating coronavirus cases. However, whether the state will again impose an economic lockdown depends on what New Yorkers do in the remaining vacation time and whether new Covid-19 infections decrease or increase, he said.

“Of course, a shutdown in January is possible,” said Cuomo at a press conference in Albany. “But there is a big but,” he said, spelling the word letter by letter “BUT”.

According to a CNBC analysis of the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, New York is responding to a surge in Covid-19 cases above the levels reported in the spring, causing an average of 10,914 new infections per day over the past week.

Read CNBC’s live updates for the latest news on the Covid-19 outbreak.

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