New report finds home GOP cuts would take away system of 1 million infants

According to a new report, the cuts House Republicans want would take away formula and nutrition from 1 million babies receiving support in the WIC program.

The Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) report found that House Republicans plan to deny access to infant formula, fresh fruits and vegetables and other essential groceries by removing 1 million participants from the WIC program. These cuts would put the most vulnerable Americans at risk by reducing essential nutritional assistance in the early years of life.”

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Republicans don’t stop harming children. They also want to cut heating aid for the most vulnerable Americans. The Republican cuts would also leave “families unable to heat or cool their homes by cutting $472 million in funding.”
the energy assistance program for low-income households. Such cuts could be devastating
struggling families, especially those already facing extreme weather conditions.”

The kind of cuts Republicans are seeking would be catastrophic for poor and working families just making ends meet. One of the first acts of the new majority in the GOP House of Representatives was to pass legislation that would make it easier for the wealthy and corporations to dodge their taxes.

Babies can starve, but millionaires and billionaires can’t be audited by the IRS. The Republican plan is to take from those who have least to give to those who have most.

The Republican goal in the House of Representatives would be a disaster, and the report shows why Democrats must say no to spending cuts.

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