New ballot exhibits Republicans falling quick on abortion

A new poll shows that abortion has wiped out many of the GOP’s midterm election advantages and Republicans’ problems are only getting worse.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post summed up the NY Times/Sienna Poll findings:

62 percent of registered voters reject the decision to overthrow Roe v. Wade off while 30 percent support her.

Fifty-two percent of registered voters strongly oppose the ruling overthrowing Roe, versus just 19 percent who strongly support it

57 percent of women strongly opposed the verdict, versus 15 percent who strongly supported it

Sixty-two percent of voters say abortion should always or mostly be legal, versus just 31 percent who think it should always or mostly be illegal.

Analysis: Republicans fail to steer the political conversation back to the economy and inflation

Republicans have built their entire campaign around Biden, the economy, and inflation, and have been unable to adjust their strategy as the political landscape has shifted. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed national abortion ban has only made matters worse as Republican candidates are now being asked if they would support Graham’s bill.

Congressional Democrats have been at the White House in response to Roe’s ouster and have consistently topped Biden’s approval ratings.

With nearly two months to go before Election Day, Republicans are trying to hold out. There will be no red wave. If Republicans retake the House of Representatives, their majority will be smaller than expected, and Democrats are looking good to maintain or extend their Senate majority.

By overthrowing Roe, the Conservative majority on the Supreme Court has roused electoral voters and redesigned the midterm election.

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