Netflix Pronounces Launch Date and Teasers For Upcoming Third Season Of ‘You!’

'You' Netlfix

Roommate after almost two years of waiting, Netflix finally has the release date and the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated 3. The last time we asked about the psychopathic character “Joe” in the hit series “You”, he was there, Father to become – and season three is going to show you just how somber of a parent he will be.

Get ready to catch up with Joe and his gruesome gadgets as the hugely popular “You” series will return on October 15 in time for the horror season and Halloween. According to an early recap for season three, “Joe’s” wife “Love” (who also has killer tendencies) will be the reason he feels trapped by her despite their similarities – leading to their marriage and impending fatherhood be in danger.

In the voiceover of the ‘You’ teaser trailer, “Joe” can be heard talking about becoming the father of his unborn son. “People these days call their children anything to get attention. And despite your mother’s background and your glama’s determination to call you forty reincarnated, I know better, ”he says.

He goes on to add, “A boy is not what we expected, and I would be lying if I said the thought of a mini-me is purely exciting and not without… challenges. Let’s just say I hope you do what I say, not how I do it. “

We can’t wait to try it out!

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