Netanyahu is filled with Trump and screams about election fraud when he stands in entrance of the jail

Ousted from power, Netanyahu is now crying out over electoral fraud and on trial for bribery and corruption.

Haaretz reports:

Speaking to Likud lawmakers at a faction meeting of the party in the Knesset on Sunday, Netanyahu said that “journalists are participating in this propaganda machine that campaigns for the left, but don’t be afraid to join” right wing politicians, of whom Netanyahu said join forces with the left.

Netanyahu went on to say that the Israelis “experienced what is, in my opinion, the greatest electoral fraud in the history of the country in the history of democracy.”

The comments made by the soon-to-be ex-Israeli leader should sound very familiar to the people of the United States. Netanyahu pulls away from Trump’s authoritarianism for dummies playbook.

There was no electoral fraud in Israel. Netanyahu held the country paralyzed for years trying to stay in power despite failing to win a clear majority in several elections.

The only way Netanyahu can avoid prison is to remain prime minister. That door appears to have slammed after several opposition parties agreed to form a coalition government.

The attacks on journalists and the electoral process are nothing new, but like Trump, Netanyahu is more than ready to destroy democracy in order not to go to jail.

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