Nelly and her longtime pal Shantel Jackson name it collectively after virtually 7 years

Nelly and his longtime friend Shantel Jackson are no longer an object.

The couple had been together since 2014, but today Shantel confirmed in a post on her Instagram page that she and Nelly are now just friends.

When asked by a fan: “R u (and) Nelly still together, I love to see you guys together”, Shantel replied, “No, we are not … just friends.”

This may come as a shock to fans considering Nelly said a little less than a year ago that he couldn’t imagine his life without Shantel and that the couple were “working towards marriage,” according to Yahoo Life.

“I don’t want my life not to include Shantel,” said Nelly. “We have seen each other for five or six years. Anytime you can connect with someone like this, it works in the long run. She is sweet, beautiful, and the more we have got to know each other, the more beautiful she is inside. “

The marriage is apparently very serious for Nelly, who mentioned to PEOPLE that he only wants to walk down the aisle once.

“The matter of marriage for me is… I take it very, very seriously. It’s something I only do once, ”he said. “To me, it’s almost like society would prefer you married and divorced and then try to be married and stay married. For me, dying married is more important than being married and it didn’t work out. I want to leave this place knowing that I was in love and someone loved me and we were together, and then I would say, ‘Well, I’ll never get married again and I’m ruined.’ “

Shantel dated Nelly for nearly seven years after she was previously engaged to boxer Floyd Mayweather. She stood next to Nelly after he was accused of rape in 2018, in which she was summoned to testify.

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