NBC Information’ Shaquille Brewster talks about “scary” confrontation on tv

Bethenny Frankel helps hurricane hit US territories

During its broadcast, the weather was no longer the NBC News correspondent’s primary concern for a moment Shaquille Brewster.

The journalist took to Instagram on Monday, August 30, to discuss an incident earlier that day in Gulfport, Mississippi, in which a man confronted Shaquille while watching a live MSNBC segment about the tropical storm Ida delivered.

“Overwhelmed with the love and support today after what was definitely the wildest moment I’ve ever had on the air,” the reporter wrote. “Our team joked about it afterwards, but it was no doubt just as scary for us as it was for all of you. While this one report was interrupted, we were right back in the next hour and will continue to report on how we are doing here. “

Among those who shared their support in the comment section was the ABC News correspondent Kenneth Motonwho wrote: “Great play my friend. Thank you for your professionalism. I can’t say I would have done the same.”

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