NBA YoungBoy is reportedly writing a letter from jail apparently confirming that he has a child woman with Jazlyn

An alleged letter from the NBA YoungBoy manager hit Instagram on Friday apparently confirming that he had another child on the way with his current girlfriend, Jazlyn Michelle.

After he wrote that he was there for others and that people were only there because they wanted something from him, the rapper apologized to Jazlyn. He also stated that he wanted to be there when their little girl was born and confirmed what many speculated.

In part he said, “I really want to be there when my daughter is born [.} I want to be in the same house as her while she grow up.” NBA YoungBoy continued, “I never had that experience [,] Me[.]

Then he apologized to Jazlyn, “I promise I’ll be sorry if I say something to another woman[a]n. I will give you everything so that you leave nothing to have you when all is said and done. “

Most recently, NBA YoungBoy reportedly wrote a message to his fans. In part, he stated, “I can give my kids millions of dollars to share, but I can’t give them the time they really deserve,” wrote NBA YoungBoy. The news continues, with NBA YoungBoy expressing that he believes no one understands him and “never did it”. He goes on to explain that sometimes he doesn’t understand each other either.

As previously reported, NBA YoungBoy is incarcerated in Louisiana following a recent transfer from California. He is charged with a felony in possession of a firearm and remains in detention pending trial. His mug shot from the official booking was released early last week.

NBA YoungBoy ended his message with compliments to talk show host Wendy Williams, who previously spoke publicly about the rapper’s legal issues.

“Tell MS WENDY WILLIAM, I say she has a good soul and she is a beautiful woman,” wrote NBA YoungBoy. “I can see all of the bad comments that have been thrown at her tell her that she is counting her blessings,” he said.

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