NBA punishes Kevin Durant with $ 50,000 for “threatening” messages to Michael Rapaport (replace)

TSR Updatez: Sometimes If You Want To Clap Back It Will Cost You! Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant finds out the hard way after Rapaport himself opened up some awkward conversations between him and actor Michael Rapaport.

The NBA today released a statement announcing that it will fined KD50,000 for using “abusive and derogatory language on social media,” according to ESPN.

Remember, these were private messages that Rapaport posted earlier this week. These included the threat of language as well as anti-gay and misogynistic slurs by KD, according to the NBA.

Kevin later apologized for the language used on the news after speaking to Coach Steve Nash and other members of the organization. “I’m sorry people saw this language that I was using,” said KD. “That’s not really what people are supposed to see and hear about me, but I hope I can get past it and get back on the ground.”

So it turns out that maybe the news wasn’t kidding after all.

Rapaport shared a series of messages between him and Kevin Durant on Tuesday, but people were skeptical of the news as the April Fool’s joke was just days away at that time.

“As most of you know, I get threats and disgusting news EVERY DAY, but in my wildest dreams I never thought @easymoneysniper would be among them, “Michael wrote in his caption. “The (snake) itself is threatening me now, teasing my wife and wanting to fight.”

“This is supposed to be America’s treasure, right? KD was not “hacked” either. Keep this L champion #ImDaRealMVP @ brooklynnets # igotastorytotell. ”

It all seemed to have started when Michael tweeted about an interview KD did on TNT via NBA. The alleged news showed that Kevin Michael sent his own tweet with the message “U ab *** h”.

Then the two exchanged a few words and some even accused Michael of deleting messages, which misrepresented the entire conversation. You can check the following messages:

We will keep you informed about updates.

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