MyPillow Man’s election fraud was so absurd that even Newsmax needed to minimize it

Right-wing media broadcaster Newsmax was forced to tune out MyPillow guy Mike Lindell on live TV Monday night when he was just starting to spit out crazy conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines.

The moment came at a time when Newsmax, Trump’s new favorite propaganda network, was coming under legal pressure to spit out lies about election fraud.

“The biggest scam is the Dominion machines,” said Lindell. “At 11:15 on election night, our great President, for all he is -“

Sebastian Gorka, another Trump sycophant, was forced to cut off Lindell and turn the discussion back to MyPillow’s cultic worship of Trump.


Host Seb Gorka cuts MyPillow guy Mike Lindell shortly after Lindell started promoting conspiracy theories about voting machines. (Under legal pressure, Newsmax only had to operate segments that exposed their own lies about voting machines.)

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 22, 2020

The exchange:

MIKE LINDELL: I believe in this President and I will tell you something. … You talked about all of this fraud, Doctor. The biggest scam is the Dominion machines. And at 11:15 on election night our great President for all he is –––

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Mike, we won’t go into the details. I want to ask you – because this show is about courage. … I want to know why you, Mike Lindell, are supporting the President on these legal cases.

Lindell: Well, because everything is at stake here.

MyPillow guy was washing his money away for Trump

It’s no surprise Mike Lindell is on live TV spitting out debunked conspiracy theories about Donald Trump’s loss of the election.

After all, as The Daily Beast reported, the MyPillow founder has already pumped more than $ 1 million into pro-Trump election lawsuits.

As the report noted[H]We financially support the work of several legal teams and Trumpist attorneys after the election, including Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, the latter of whom is a former senior member of the president’s legal team. “

Of course, money isn’t the only thing Lindell washed away for Donald Trump. Any credibility that he once had is gone too.

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