Mulatto exhibits off her costly presents as her birthday approaches

Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend, but in 2020 when you have the coins, Birkin bags will have topped the list. As Mulatto’s 22nd birthday approaches, the rapper “Muwop” shared her surprise pre-birthday dinner with family and friends on her Instagram. There was a lot of laughter during dinner and we got a glimpse of the cheesecake cake that Mulatto’s mother surprised her with.

While Big Latto was great getting in touch with her guests, much of it was overshadowed by the lavish gifts she received. On her Instagram story, she shared gifts her manager Brandon aka Big B received. He gave her a matching ring, bracelet, and earrings from Jewelry Unlimited in Atlanta.

Brandon also shared the video on his Instagram page, titled Happy Birthday Mulatto. You changed my life so there is no limit to your gifts. Matching ring, bracelet and earrings! S / O to Wafi at Jewelry Unlimited. “She replied,” Thank you, Big B. We have changed each other. Dear 4L Fasho. “He also gave her candles, and the rapper said everyone who knows her knows she loves candles.

The diamonds didn’t end there. Her official tour DJ, DJ Von, has also frozen the rapper. She shared a pair of Von diamond-studded earrings on her Instagram story and captioned the picture, “Thank you, beast.”

It seems like nothing can beat that, but Big Latto got a brand new purple Corvette too. She was thrilled to receive the red ribbon car. On top of the car were 3 Hermes boxes with the coveted Birkin bags. Bags range from $ 12,000 in the lower price bracket to $ 200,000 in the upper price bracket. In truth, she shared on Instagram, “These are my 3 favorite colors in Birkins for me.”

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