Mulatto apparently teases new artist names in Instagram video

Roommate, Mulatto built her mark in the music industry with hits like “Queen of Da Souf” and “On God”. However, there has been controversy over the rapper’s stage name. Last December, she announced that she had listened to the criticism and that a name change was in the works. On Tuesday evening, she posted a video on her Instagram account with new bars and a caption indicating an official name change.

Although the song didn’t directly say the new name, the caption and lyrics alluded to the official change. The video starts with the presenter jumping out of a black truck while the song plays over his speakers. Mulatto is dressed all in black, with black and gray sneakers and bright pink hair. She starts rapping to her song.

“The blogs want to know who I am, Rap B ***** doesn’t talk about anything. I changed my name but I bet you will still find something. You won’t bully me out of my shit. Drop hits that I still don’t miss. New money, new cot, new whip, new name I’m still so damned, ”Mulatto said in the clip.

The caption of the 20-second clip repeats Mulatto’s texts in the videos.

“New 💰, new 🏡, new 🏎, new name I’m still so B *** H! Are you ready ??? ” She wrote.

It’s unclear whether the video is the official name announcement, a preview of a new title, or a combination of both. Fans in the comment section speculated the new name is “Big Latto,” given the rapper’s social media biographies on Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, the budding star has consistently used this shortened version of her stage name throughout her career.

The controversy over the name stems from its racist history. According to the textbook definition, the word mulatto is used to describe a person of mixed races. However, the word was previously used to describe descendants who were born after rape during slavery.

Mulatto previously interviewed Revolt’s “Big Facts” show in which she said it was “negligent” of her not to listen to growing concerns about her name. However, she said the change will take time.

“It’s a big step for a name change at this point in my career,” she said. “S ** t! Where I have to listen to them at the same time, they have to listen to me like, “Damn, that’s a big step.” They have involved labels, investors, management, PR. There is so much in it. In fact, it’s a big step for me to think about. “

Roommate, what did Mulatto change her stage name to?

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