Mother will love these Mom’s Day presents from Kardashian-Jenner Manufacturers

This is from Kendall Jenner’s Moon collab. Keep these with you so you can always whiten your teeth and make a brilliant impression. The brand claims that you can “take your look to the next level in just 30 seconds from the first use.”

One Amazon customer gushed, “I love having a product that I can rely on every day to make my smile look 110% better. My smile is the most important feature on my face. I talk to people every day as part of my job. I’m always on the go in the morning before work. When using the moon whitening pen, it was easy to use. Fast drying and instant results. I didn’t have to wait more than 30 seconds to see that my smile was whiter than it was before I applied the moon gel. I can keep it in my lunch bag and purse and conveniently carry it in my pocket when needed.”

One buyer said: “This whitening pen is pretty impressive. I’ve incorporated it into my nightly routine and have whiter teeth and no sensitivity at all!”

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