Mother responds to harsh backlash after slicing teenagers’ hair on-line

The way a mother disciplines her teenage daughter doesn’t sit well on social media — and she might not care. But the backlash against her method was so fierce that the mother later engaged the teenager in an “I’m Not a Victim” video and released some explainer clips. All of this only fueled allegations of abuse and jealousy.

It all started with a TikTok video of the girl being punished – a big hit. The first footage shows the mother in front of the camera explaining her child “Considers it more important to be pretty than educated, more important to be a follower than a leader.”

After that, the mother steadied the camera and explained that it is her “Not a parent who likes to use physical discipline.”

The teen was rocking big box braids with reddish roots at the time. She tells her daughter “Come here, you study today” and proceeds to tug the girl on a front braid. The mother cuts off the braid, leaving small remnants of the teenager’s natural hair. When the teenager objected with a “mama”, the lady went off.

“Mom not me, no. You had your warning, you had your chance. I told you to listen, I told you to stop breaking my rules. I told you being cute doesn’t suck if you don’t have an education. I told you to stop disobeying me, I told you to listen and do what you are supposed to do, I told you to be good at school, I told you that you should do your daily routine,” said the mother. “And you haven’t done any of that yet, and you thought you wouldn’t obey me today, and I wouldn’t come to cut that hair off. You’re wrong, because you thought being pretty was so much better than being educated or really listening to your mom.”

As she scolded, the adult cut the teen’s braids off one braid at a time. Meanwhile, the teenager stood and gave shocked looks to the recording camera. Finally, when the mother was done with the botched big chop, she nudged the teen’s head towards the camera. She said, “Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t listen to your mother.”

At some point we need to talk about the dangers of jealous narcissistic mothers:

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Mom makes daughter explain why she’s ‘not a victim’ then gives her a wig as a gift

Almost immediately, people online began weighing the mother’s decision. While some approved of her method, others slammed her. Neither made the woman reconsider her method of disciplining. Instead, she shot another video with her daughter on the same day as the big chop.

In the episode, the mother is partially off-camera while the daughter and her dissected chop are in full view. She begins by asking her daughter questions, including whether she feels traumatized or abused. With a straight face and calm tone, the teenager answered “No” to every question. The mother then asked if the big punch was a “better form of discipline” than physical discipline, and the teen replied, “Yes.”

Afterwards, the mother reminded the teenager that she loves her and forced the punishment to “do [the teen] a better person.” She then goes through a how-of times list and tries to point out that she’s said to have ongoing issues with the teen.

“I didn’t embarrass you, you embarrassed yourself right,” the woman asked.

And the videos didn’t stop there — she shared more footage of her questioning the daughter, explaining their bond, and finally presenting her daughter with a long wig. The daughter seems happy as she tries on the wig while joining in her mother’s questioning.

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Woman justifies cutting off daughter’s hair

The videos started gaining traction last week. About two days ago, the mother gave another set of updates. This time she slammed critics for her comments, particularly women in the sex work industry.

“If you’re a prostitute, if you’re a stripper, if you’re an OnlyFans girl or a TikToking Instagram just doing it for show, you could never give me advice on parenting because your parents screwed it up a long time ago a while ago,” said the mother.

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In another video, she explained that she “couldn’t care” about the comments, likes, and views. She claimed the great chop threat lasted for a year, but that her daughter didn’t believe her, and she didn’t believe herself. After all, she said, she’s true to her word. She also denied allegations that she was jealous of her teenage daughter.

“After exhausting so many different types of discipline, writing lines, grounding and taking away from doing all of that, it doesn’t matter,” the mom said. “If I ask her not to go into the apps, she creates a new one and continues with her badness and does what she wants to do. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what really happened because I’m not here to embarrass my daughter. I’m here to teach my daughter something.”

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Social media reacts to mother cutting daughter’s hair

Meanwhile, the Innanet doesn’t seem to think the mother is teaching her daughter much — if at all. Keep scrolling to see the gossip surrounding the mother’s actions:

The child cares about her appearance -> her mother summarily cuts her hair as punishment (implying that she removes part of her beauty) -> the child now sees that not being beautiful is a punishment, so bad.

— Ꮶ🪞Ꭹ (@IfYouSeekKay) December 11, 2022

The parents who cut their child’s hair because they prioritized appearance over education weren’t just emotionally abusive, that’s physical abuse. Isn’t her hair a part of her?

Likewise…. She taught her not to put looks before education by…changing her looks?

— Supernova Momma (@SupernovaMomma) December 11, 2022

When mothers cut their daughters’ hair as “punishment,” it’s never about teaching them a lesson. It’s abuse. Women understand the importance of hair to other women and especially little girls. It’s about humiliating their daughters and making their daughters feel less than.

— Bella Goth 💓 (@LilSexyCommie) December 12, 2022

Say bruh I’m not arguing with you guys about abuse. How about I kick your ass and cut your hair to test your hypothesis? Let’s do a science experiment and see if you feel abused after I’m done

— Supernova Momma (@SupernovaMomma) December 11, 2022

Your mom being your bully is the worst shit you can ever experience, worse for a girl.
The anger she has cutting those curls is from jealousy and nothing else, the girl is still prettier than she is with the hair cut off anyway.

— Uncle Ras Dartte’ (@Dartte_45) December 12, 2022

A mom on Tiktok cut her daughter’s hair and is talking about it because she values ​​beauty above everything else…AND ALL WHILE USING A FILTER!???

You new generation moms are different, man. Emotional child abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. She has to go to jail!

— Soph ✨🇯🇲 (@Signedbysophiee) December 11, 2022

This Tiktok mom cuts her daughter’s hair, posts the video and after getting hate, she wants to turn off the comments and keep gaslighting her daughter by making videos saying things like “You’re acting like you’d be traumatized, you act like you’re the victim,” a slut she is!

— Destiny (@SUNNYYY_D) December 10, 2022

I came here to say that too…

My mother had a similar experience growing up; had her hair cut off as punishment and that’s some of the worst shit a mother could do to harm her daughter. I wanted to grab mom’s necklace and choke her for this video

— ✨🌞 Jennicka 🌑✨ (@jennicka_bacon) December 12, 2022

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