Morgan Simians and Jackson Michie are fueling new video rumors

Reality TV fans buzz by Morgan Simians and Jackson Michie.

The Cheer Star and Big Brother alum continue to stir up romantic rumors with their latest TikTok videos. On Thursday, January 7th, the celebrities released different versions of the same clip. One said the words: “I think you have a little crush on me”, and the other replied: “Ew, no!” The first insisted, “Yeah, I think you do,” which resulted in the two smiling or wrapping their arms around each other. In the comments on Morgan’s post, Jackson even wrote that he was “guilty as charged”.

This was just one of several TikTok videos the duo shared that day. These posts weren’t the only things that sparked speculation, however. That same day, Jackson uploaded a photo of two coffee mugs, one with Morgan’s name. And on January 6, the Navarro cheerleader posted a photo of herself looking out at a sunset while wearing Jackson’s coat.

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