Monkey killed after tearing girl’s ear like “a bit of paper”.

A pet monkey was killed after attacking a woman in Oklahoma, and the victim describes the injuries she sustained at the hands of the animal.

The animal eluded authorities before being shot by a citizen

According to a social media statement from the Dickson Police Department, the incident happened earlier this week and began when police received a call about a monkey spotted on someone’s porch.

Authorities note that the animal “jumped onto the back of its squad car” after arriving at the scene. Authorities then determine that the monkey “ran towards the victim and climbed on her head” before proceeding to injure her.

The victim was then taken to a hospital for treatment, and the primate evaded capture by scurrying into the woods

We should also note that officials tracked down the animal’s owners nearby, although they were ultimately unable to capture it. However, a friend of the victim’s family later arrived at the scene and fatally shot the monkey.

Victim Recounts Monkey Attack: ‘Tore My Ear Like A Piece Of Paper’

In addition to the police statement, KTEN provided additional information through a meeting with the victim, identified as Brittany Parker.

Parker recounted the experience, noting that the animal “came running [her] back.” She also added, “[The monkey] tore my ear in half like a piece of paper.”

“He ran up my back and jumped on my head, ripping out hair and then ripping my ear in half like you’re making a piece of paper.”

She also shared that the family friend who eventually killed the monkey was also attacked when the animal “slapped him in the face.”

“We called him and he came here and after I was attacked, the monkey went to his vehicle and punched him in the face and pulled his hair.”

The outlet also notes that because monkeys “are considered domesticated animals under Oklahoma law,” the owner didn’t need a permit to own the primate.

What do you think of the overall situation and would you ever keep a primate as a pet? Also, how would you feel if one was kept nearby as a pet?

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