Moniece Slaughter says she has completed speaking about Dr. Talking to Dre who’s abusive after allegedly threatening her

Moniece Slaughter and Dr.  Dre

Roommate, earlier this week, former Love & Hip Hop star Moniece Slaughter sparked heated controversy when she claimed Dr. Dre threatened to talk about his alleged relationship with Apryl Jones. Well, quickly forward to the present, and Moniece is now saying she’s done talking about Dr. Dre and goes on to explain that this is because the threats have increased.

Moniece Slaughter shared a long post on Instagram in which she confirmed that the reason for her decision to choose Dr. No longer discussing Dre’s abusive behavior is that he allegedly threatened her life, the life of her son, and the life of her family members. She even wrote that she was warned to leave Los Angeles before things escalated further.

As we previously reported, Moniece spilled tea on an Instagram live claiming Dre was a “bully”. You will recall that Dre has had domestic violence allegations against him for decades, most recently from Moniece, who claims he made threatening phone calls to her.

“You know what,” Moniece said in one of the clips, “I didn’t want to believe Dre was a brawler, but after the couple of phone calls I literally just had, he’s a bully. For sure. In any case. “

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