Mona Scott-Younger says she is being “screened very otherwise” when in comparison with Andy Cohen & Carlos relating to actuality TV

In an interview with @madamenoire, the media mogul #MonaScottYoung played reality TVs on all Thangs.

It’s no secret that Mona is getting a backlash for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Many have often said that she exploits black people and does not hold them in high regard on the show.

While speaking with the publication, she was asked if the criticism she received was sexist and she stated that she felt it. Mona said in part:

“Absolutely! Absolutely. You look at Andy Cohen, you look at Carlos King – Carlos actually worked on the Love and Hip Hop franchise. But they were never localized the same way,” she replied. “But I guess it is a little cross that we as women wear in every business we do.

She went on to say that there is a different standard, but Carlos and Andy are criticized differently even though they are all in the realm of reality. “We adhere to a different standard. We are examined very differently. I don’t think anyone thinks about how difficult it is to be competitive in this area. I am one of the few black women who own a physical production company. That in itself is an accomplishment that I believe a lot of people don’t stop to appreciate and understand that it’s not easy, ”added the media mogul.

Mona was also asked about Tamar Braxton’s reality TV show, which aired on WeTV but was short-lived. When asked about it, she partially stated, “There was no tampering. I think she didn’t like how a lot of things turned out, but it certainly wasn’t because any of it was being manipulated. I think it was just a time it wasn’t the right time for her. Not the right time in your life. “

What do you think roomies?

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