Miley Cyrus says she acquired bare throughout “Rager” and climbed this landmark

Miley Cyrus looks back on a time when she was just Miley.

The star shared a series of throwback photos on her Instagram story of herself and her rocking buddy on Wednesday January 13th Wayne Coyne to celebrate his 59th birthday. One of the pictures with the Flaming Lips frontman showed the couple looked a little worse in the wee hours of the morning outside Madame Tussauds Hollywood.

The picture shows the two musicians leaning their heads together, while Miley, dressed in a smart Minions sweater, covers her face with her hands and appears quite exhausted.

“Standing on Hollywood Boulevard in the morning after a rage,” she captioned the post. Then she added the bracket: “I climbed the Roosevelt sign naked.”

While it’s unclear whether Miley is pulling our legs, she is referring to the top of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which is across from the Chinese Theater and is known as a major Tinseltown landmark. As it turns out, the Roosevelt is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Los Angeles, opening in 1927.

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