Mike Flynn makes use of Memorial Day to name for a navy coup to overthrow Biden

Convicted felon General Mike Flynn advocated a military coup in the United States to overthrow President Biden.


Here is a video of former General and National Security Advisor Mike Flynn calling for a Burmese coup to replace the incumbent US President with Donald Trump. Talk of war is very real. pic.twitter.com/1GoP5OG1He

– Justin Glawe (@JustinGlawe) May 30, 2021

Flynn was asked, “Why can’t what happened in Myanmar happen here?”

The crowd at the Texas QAnon Treacherous Madness Conference cheered, and Flynn replied, “No reason. I mean this should happen here. “

Who will tell Flynn that members of the military strongly disapproved of Trump and that many of them voted for Joe Biden?

Mike Flynn should be in jail by now.

He advocates the violent overthrow of the US government, which is a crime.

It is dangerous to dismiss the QAnon crowd as a bunch of rioters. These people personify the threat to democracy in the United States. They are also the backbone of the Republican Party.

You don’t believe in democracy. QAnon is the decades-long right-wing conspiracy belief that manifests itself in its logical result.

A group of Americans cheered when the idea of ​​a military coup arose.

A growing section of the Republican Party is turning into a threat to the US government and they are celebrating Memorial Day weekend with a call for a military coup.

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