Microsoft presents new Home windows model on June 24th

Satya Nadella in New Delhi, India.

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Microsoft said Wednesday that it will introduce “the next generation of Windows” on June 24th. The move comes a week after CEO Satya Nadella announced major improvements to the PC operating system for developers and developers.

Windows, the dominant operating system for PCs, is the source of 14% of total sales for Microsoft, one of the most valuable companies in the world. The company has released two updates to its Windows 10 operating system every year since it was first available in 2015.

Nadella made the Windows Notes last week, shortly after the company announced that it would not ship Windows 10X. This operating system was originally developed for dual-screen devices like the delayed Surface Neo.

The company sharpened its focus on single-screen PCs such as laptops for Windows 10X before launching on the 18th, accelerating the integration of key 10X core technology with other parts of Windows and products across the enterprise.

Microsoft announced the latest Windows 10 update last month with only minor changes.

The company is working on an update to Windows, codenamed Sun Valley, that includes a more modern look, with rounded corners on components like the Start menu, technology news website Windows Central reported in February. The website also said Microsoft could release an overhaul of its Windows App Store that would allow developers to use third-party trading systems alongside the Sun Valley update.

The event will take place online at 11 a.m. ET, according to an invitation the company sent out to reporters. Nadella will be in attendance with Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer who was the face of the company’s Surface devices, the invitation says.

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