Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer calls on GOP to double requirements on sexual misconduct

Andrew Cuomo has faced numerous and serious allegations of sexual misconduct. At this point, the New York governor has refused to step down and has stated that he will only step down if charged.

The allegations against Cuomo have given the conservative media plenty to tell. And hosts on Fox News repeatedly hammered the New York leader.

However, the same Fox hosts refused to address allegations against Madison Crawthorn, Brett Kavanaugh, and Donald Trump in particular. Gretchen Whitmer recently highlighted this double standard at a Politico Live event.

The Michigan governor said:

“Is there a different standard for different sides of the aisle? We just had a president who lived every four years with numerous allegations of rape against him. No one on his own side of the aisle made any observations as to whether or not to remain in office. So is there any other standard? I think one could conclude from that. But I don’t know how to weigh that up [if that] takes one of us very far. “

Later in the lecture, Whitmer qualified her earlier comments on the current Cuomo situation. “If [the allegations] are true, then there should be accountability, ”she said. “But until this investigation takes place, I don’t know that you can draw any conclusion.”

Watch a clip from the live stream courtesy of Politico:

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