Michelle Obama calls Zaya Wade a “function mannequin” for touching conversations (video)

Zaya Wade lived the dream that many teenagers and adults alike have – to sit down to have a heart to heart with our eternal First Lady Michelle Obama.

The teenager sat down for a virtual chat with the former first lady to talk about Michelle’s bestseller “Becoming” and the resulting Black Girl Magic.

Zaya shared that she was admittedly nervous about meeting any of her idols and being honest about who could blame her.

It appears Michelle did her best to introduce Zaya to her down-to-earth approach, and even shared that the Obamas were once neighbors to Zaya Wade and her family while Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were in Hawaii.

Zaya said she read Michelle’s book and called it “divine”. She then asked Ms. Obama what advice she has for teenagers who want to be themselves and thrive “how are you and now?”

Michelle flipped the script on Zaya to let her know that Zaya herself was a great example of someone who is currently thriving in her truth.

“I’m just so proud of you because you are just an amazing role model and you accept your truth. Right? “Michelle Obama replied to Zaya Wade’s question.” You already do, so maybe this is for some other young people listening. “

Michelle continued, “It takes time to know what you are, you know, for young people. So my first advice is to be patient with yourself. You know, number one, you know, by your age or your teenage years and probably by your 20s, you’re going to experiment with so many versions of yourself, right? All young people try different versions, different voices, they learn more about their intellect. They learn what they love, what they are good at, what they like, this is the time of exploration. “

The almost 10-minute conversation was full of positive affirmations and all in all just Black Girl Magic. You can see the following excerpt:

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