Michael Rapaport Says Feeling Dangerous About Kevin Durant Beef After KD Fined NBA $ 50,000 (Video)

Michael Rapaport believes the beef went too far between him and Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant after KD fined $ 50,000 for the language he used in messages sent to Rapaport.

Despite the fact that Rapaport was the one who shared the evil exchange between them, it now appears that he feels some remorse for his actions because of the consequences his enemy faces.

“The situation with Durant has gotten out of hand,” Rapaport began his video message. “I feel bad about it. I feel bad about my involvement in the situation. I feel bad that it has come to this. “

To keep some of you updated, Rapaport shared a series of DMs between him and KD earlier this week, claiming Kevin repeatedly threatened him and talked about Rapaport’s wife.

What some might have thought was an April Fools joke was apparently real beef that has been brewed since 2019, according to Rapaport. After the news was released, the NBA announced Friday that KD would be fined $ 50,000 “Offensive and derogatory language on social media.”

You can check the following messages:

Rapaport stated on his video that although things may have started out cool with him and KD, he did not consider him a friend and his threats were inappropriate.

“I don’t see him as a friend, the way he talked to me is not like a person who was a friend,” said Rapaport. “I don’t talk to friends like that.”

You can see the full message from Rapaport below:

Quite a few people on social media criticized Rapaport for publicly calling KD and then being disappointed with the consequences. Some even called him a male “Karen”.

Perhaps these two will stay away from each other in the future, but we’ll keep you updated.

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