Michael Rainey Jr. shares the video of an encounter with a police drive

Michael Rainey Jr.

We always hear and see stories of police officers abusing their power, but you never expect it to happen to you or anyone you know. Unfortunately, Michael Rainey Jr., aka Tariq from hit show Power, shared a video of his encounter with a police officer today. In the video he shared on his Instagram story, viewers could clearly see the exchange when a seemingly uniformed African American man aggressively approached Michael’s driver-side window with his hand on his gun.

The officer quickly instructed Michael to give him his driver’s license. Michael followed and replied, letting the officer know that he was looking for his license without hesitation. An unidentified man in the passenger seat noticed his grip on the gun and asked if he could take his hand off the gun. In the video, Michael wrote a long message in which he told more about the incident. He wrote, “This guy wanted to shoot me. I swear the camera saved my life. Take a look at what he’s doing as soon as he looks into the lens. Someone, please send his turf or whatever you know. “

He continued, “Those police who trip electricity have to take their badge away. Unauthorized traffic stops. Didn’t even pull me over. Didn’t tell me what I was drawn for. He just came to the whip screaming and s ** t with his hand on his weapon. This guy also said stop reaching out while I was looking for my license. I think he was looking for a reason to shoot me. “

In another video he shared of his story, he claimed the whole incident happened because he drove a beautiful car, AKA “Driving While Black”. We are glad that nothing more happened in this incident and send Michael a positive mood.

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