Metropolis Ladies Virtually Missed Their 2021 BET Awards Efficiency As a result of Of A Wardrobe Malfunction

Whew! Roommates, if you enjoyed the City Girls’ performance at the 2021 BET Awards, this might make you savor it a little more! During a sit down with DJ Carisma from Power 106 FM, the City Girls revealed that five minutes before they took the stage Yung Miami experienced a severe wardrobe malfunction!

This conversation came up after DJ Carisma asked the City Girls about performing. One comment led to another and JT began encouraging Yung Miami to share their BET performance nightmare story. However JT, eager to recount the details, began explaining what happened.

“We almost not made it on stage, Caresha had a whole outfit…no it’s not funny,” JT began sharing before interrupting herself to say “it’s not funny” to DJ Carisma who laughed.

“It was bad,” JT continued. “I was crying. We almost missed the harness cause they had to sew her from the front.”

Yung Miami then jumps in saying “The back of my outfit bust open like where the microphones was suppose to be and we had five minutes.”

Yung Miami shared that the woman ushering people to the stage kept putting the press on them because the show was about to begin.

“She tried to take me,” JT hopped in to say. “She like okay well you don’t have nothing going on can you just come. I said no I can’t leave her.”

The incident left both ladies feeling SKRESSED, to the point of screams and JT shedding some tears!

“Just imagine being so frustrated right before it’s time to go on, so it’s like in that moment I’m like here I go again, here go it’s some bulls***,” Yung Miami shared. “I had that in the back of my mind. And I’m just like it’s just always something, you know like the devil gon always try to find a way.”

Lucky for viewers, the City Girls pulled it together just in time to take the stage and perform their hit song ‘Twerkulator.’

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