Megan Thee Stallion helps Ellen DeGeneres shock a nurse with $ 50,000

Roommate, one thing we know about hot girl Megan Thee Stallion is that she has a big heart! During an interview on the Ellen Show, the health department major spoke openly about wanting to make her grandmother proud by opening an assisted living facility after graduation. Megan also let viewers know that she was on the deans list and not playing over her grades!

During the episode, Ellen brought out one of Megan’s biggest fans, mother of five Jamelmenique Hoy. Sitting with her husband Michael and their adorable sons Micah, 2, Mason, 3, Messiah, 4, Malachi, 5, and Michael Jr., 7, Jamelmenique explained how their family temporarily moved to Houston while she was there volunteered to treat COVID. 19 patients. The Hoy family has currently lived in a one-bedroom hotel room for six months.

In addition to working as a nurse, Jamelmenique is also in school to get her Masters degree. Megan surprised Jamelmenique and had positive things to tell her. “What you do is super inspiring. I thought I wanted to be a nurse once, but it’s really hard, ”she said. “I feel like we just have to give you all the praise for dressing up a girl for us, just black women in general. Thank you for all you do. “

Then Ellen directed Jamelmenique to open the door for room service, which included a special treat from Shutterfly. Ellen advised Shutterfly to repay her student loan. “You want to repay your student loan, so cut that cover [off the tray]”Said Ellen.” They want to give you $ 50,000. “

An emotional Jamelmenique who thanked Ellen and Megan for the surprise. That is the definition of real hot girl s ** T!

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