Meek Mill Shares What He is Trying For In A Associate

On Tuesday, Meek Mill plead guilty to a 2007 misdemanor gun charge and all other charges were officially dropped and he is now off of probation.

Either get with it or get lost! You have to be clear when it comes to what you want into your partner and your next relationship. If you don’t tell them what you want or what you’re looking for, you may not get what you need. One person who is very vocal about what he wants in a woman is a Meek Mill. The Philly native is very candid on social media, and it can come across that he says whatever comes to mind. 

On the ‘gram, he is notorious for reposting different Memes from Justin Laboy’s page or either being in the comments, responding to several posts. Today the 34-year- old and father of two re-posted one of Justin‘s posts about relationships. The post read, “I don’t wanna relationship with anyone right now! But I wanna date, I want a consistent person to talk to, I want you on me but not too much where are you asking “ where I’m at?” The post continued saying, “And I don’t want you telling me what to do, but I want us to have fun… But I don’t want you talking to anyone else, though.” Meek left one more note on the post, which said, sign here, lol.


Over 10,000 Roommates commented on the post. Some of them felt that Meek was too old to be talking like that. One commented, ‘“So basically you wanna f**k buddy?” Another person commented, “So you want to be for the streets but then have a safe place (person) to come home to?”

Roommates, do you think what Meek is asking for is realistic or not?

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