Meek Mill reacts to Wack 100 after posting feedback on Instagram


Meek Mill was heard on social media after his fierce exchange of failing the physical battle with Tekashi 69 in Atlanta. Today he dropped a diss song against Tekashi. In the song, he talks about sniffing and flexing on social media. Listen down below.

Lots of people had a lot to say about Meek, including Wack 100. He did a few posts on Instagram and even went live regarding the situation. He exclaimed Meek for not fighting Tekashi and brought up the 2017 incident with Meek’s entourage who allegedly attacked Safaree. Throughout life, Wack says, “Anything you suck and cowards that make excuses, f ** k that. The rat is one. Microphones are zero. Rappers are zero. Everyone sees what happened. This is really s ** t. Anything you want, your texts, how to carry yourself, you pop when the ball is in your field but when it’s time it’s time to go. “He went on,” N ** like pulled up, spat out his mouth and talked greasy. Ni **, this is a shame for the city you’re from. If you are worried about the police, stop contacting the ni ** a. “

Meek took the gram to reply to Wack in a post that has now been deleted. Meek shared a voice memo with Wack speaking behind a friend’s back. Meek has given the post a title: “This is Wack who talks to me behind his“ blood homie ”when he was supposed to be a smoke! Never believe that old manipulator. He’s really p ** sy and will make you crash to protect yourself … It’s sad that you are misleading the youngins out here on the net … you run up to me if you want to be the role model ! You bite your homie back to opps while he’s running, LOL. You loved this nip situation, Idk, how they make you rock in LA … I think you’re a fed too! Weren’t you just shot off the net? LOL, # Work100Expose I love attacking you as a fake bully … “

Wack hasn’t responded yet, but we’ll keep you updated when he does!

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