McCarthy can’t shield Republicans from getting concerned in Trump’s rebellion

Despite Trump’s January 6th seditious conspiracy was the worst attack on America by domestic terrorists since the civil war, ReCustoms officers are hell-bent on protecting people most responsible; and you have good reason to do so.

House minority leathe Kevin McCarthy is just as guilty as Trump and his seditious cabal for the attempted coup Status in January 6th. This is true in spite of McCarthys begging desperate phone callTrump card cancel Attack on the Capitol.

For one, McCarthy would have exclaimed Trump’s lies about the election stolen from him long before he pled with Trump to the Insurgents of attackng the capitol – but of course not.

Now that Republicans as a unit to have blocked a bipartisan commission to investigate Trump‘s revoltIt fell to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi sets up a special committee to get answers; although everyone already has all the answers You need to know who is in charge. So what is minority leader McCarthy doing?? He threatens to punish any Republican who occupies a position in the The special committee claims it is purely political and will definitely attendsan exercise.

Kevin McCarthy is not just a tool, heis a tool that makes no sense; if Republicans at the Houses detection, it can be impossible labeled “Political” or “partisan”. But McCarthy isn’t worried about Partisanship.

Here is the thin oneG: There was an agreement to found a “non-partisan” comission that the Republicans were against it and shot down in the Senate. In fact, McCarthy hired them Senior Republican on the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, Rep. John Katko of New York to broker an agreement on the commission With Home of SecuriChairman of the Commission Bennie Thompson (D-MS). INo Fact, Part of the deal included several Democratic concessions requested by McCarthy and agreed without objection.

So what?t does McCarthy to do after an agreement? He right youUndercuts Representative Katkos Approval; ostensibly to provide cover to other Republicans in the House of Representatives to vote against a against non-partisan commission. A clerkwhat wasn’t political or partisan, and one who met each of McCarthy’s demands.

McCarthy is a real one Work and its motive for the oppositionthe commission is clear and it was Noot solely about giving his caucus cover to vote against.

McCarthy certainly knows section 3 of the 14 ofthe Change, and if not This is exactly where any Republican involved in the seditious plot to overthrow the constitutional order of the United States should be scared. Section 3 says.

No one may be a senator or representative in Congress, or electoral president or vice president, or hold any civil or military office under the United States or under any state that has previously taken an oath as as a member of Congress or as an official of the United States or as a member of any state legislature or as an executive or judicial officer of a state in order to endorse the United States Constitution; involved in revolts or rebellions against them or given help or consolation to their enemies.

That means quite a few Republicans in Congress face the real possibility of being disqualified from service in the office according to the Constitution 14the Modification. It is definitely the case because they all swore an oath to support the Constitution and then given, and pass on, Help for Trump’s uprising against the UNConstitution of the States.

Make no mistake about being a select committee identify every last traitorous Republican in Congress and in the state legislature who incited Trump’s acolytes to the Capitol with the only one Intention to fall Constitution – and lynching of then Vice President Mike Pence.

As a member of the select committee Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said:

Our job is to determine the events of January 6th and the causes of those events. When we are ready, the role of The President of the United States in these events we must certainly be ready to consider the role of everyone else relevant actors played. We want nothing but the facts. “

The facts will show that an overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress actually participated in the seditious conspiracy of Help with the organization of the “Stop the Steal” rally and spend two months feeding Trump’s supporters a barrage of lies designed to spur them into action; Action that led to a fatal one Uprising and Attack on the Capitol for the purpose of overthrowing the constitutional order. Your actions are a Violation of the Constitution that should hit every Republican who has supported and comforted Trump and his uprising Removed from office and charged with seditious conspiracy.

Sound engineer and trainer for SAE. Writes op / ed comments that support secular humanist concerns and expose the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for religious freedom and especially religious freedom.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

Former clergyman, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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