Massive Latto enters the airport in her hood amid cultural conversations about it

Angry! The cultural talk about wearing hoods in public has been going on for a hot minute! Some argue that hoods shouldn’t be rocked outside the home, while others argue that those who don’t wear them should mind their business. And some people get stuck on that “in certain rooms” line where they might carry it to the airport, but not to the grocery store or elementary school for example. Well, it seems like Big Latto recently took a flight and proudly rocked a hood at the airport despite the criticism.

Latto, dressed in what appears to be a red shirt, took to Instagram to let us know that she’ll still be comfortable! Dressed in a fuchsia hood and black face mask, Latto addressed any possible concerns or comments about her chosen look.

“PSA, I’m in the airport with my hood and whoever checked me out,” Latto said in an Instagram story video.

She ends the short clip with a laugh, which could indicate that she is joking about the situation. Nonetheless, some celebrities have “checked” others to see if they are publicly portraying themselves in this way. Celebrities like Mo’Nique have fueled the conversations on social media. As you may recall, she went over to Instagram a few weeks ago to call the practice. At the time, she admittedly went on her own excursion and saw “too many” black women wearing “hoods, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets”.

“I’m not saying you have no pride, but the portrayal you are showing has to ask someone if you have it,” replied Mo’Nique of what she saw.

She followed her first video with a clarification that legends like Patti LaBelle and Margaret Avery approached her for similar behavior.

“If I had changed my mind, I would have felt that they were rubbing me wrong,” said Mo’Nique. “But I am glad that I took the position of appreciation and gratitude because they tapped me.”

Roommate, let us know what you think about wearing hats in public!

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