Mark Meadows now concerned in Mar-a-Lago case

Mark Meadows, Trump’s last chief of staff – and probably his most loyal – will certainly be a key factual witness who could be brought against Trump for wrongfully withholding files belonging to the American government. Additionally, depending on what Meadows really knew about the contents of the boxes, Meadows could face an obstruction of justice charge. The New York Times says Meadows vouched for what was in the files, only newspaper clippings and personal belongings.

The National Archives has informed the Justice Department that another attorney representing Mr. Trump reported these boxes to the archives last September Mr Trump had taken only unclassified material such as newspaper clippings from the White House, according to a person briefed on the matr.,

…Mister. Philbin indicated to Mr. Stern that the information was based on what Mr. Trump’s last White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, believed to be the content in the boxes, people said. Mr. Stern preserved his own description of the exchange in an email, one of the people said.

The conversation between Mr. Cannon and Mr. Trump raises new questions about Mr Trump’s attempt to disrupt the archives’ efforts to recover all documents. And the conversation seems to fit a pattern: In June, after handing over a small stack of classified documents that remained after the 15 boxes were returned to Mar-a-Lago, another of Mr Trump’s attorneys testified in writing to the Justice Department that Mr. Trump had returned all of the Presidential records sought by the government.

As one can easily see, there are no publicly available facts to suggest whether Meadows really knew what the boxes contained and whether he intervened for Trump, or whether he is just caught up in the mess and will eventually have to testify if that were the case DOJ indictments bring Trump. If the investigation uncovered the fact that Meadows knew exactly what Trump was trying to take from the White House and he covered for Trump, Meadows would be in a position where he would have to be charged with either obstruction of justice or some other relevant crime, whatever could put Meadows in a position where he has to make a deal and testify.

If Meadows is in a position where he had to make a deal, you can bet the DOJ wants the broadest deal it can get and will get Meadows to discuss what he knows about Jan. 6th . It would be an avalanche. Trump would find himself in a very precarious position, even more so than he already is.

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