Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down over releasing Trump’s tax returns

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green is melting and vowing payback to Democrats who release Trump’s tax returns.

Greene tweeted:

The illegal release of President Trump’s personal tax records by Democrats marks a new low in the largest political persecution of a president in history.

Anyone can see how successful Pres Trump is and that he has always followed IRS rules.

Well, turnabout is fair game.

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) December 30, 2022

Years of legal battles have shown that there was nothing illegal about releasing Trump’s tax returns. Trump and his administration may have committed the only illegal act if they are found to have prevented the IRS from conducting the now-former president’s legally required audits during his tenure.

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If Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens Joe Biden’s tax returns, she will be very disappointed to find that the president’s legal reviews have resumed under Biden and that the president has released all of his tax returns.

Greene’s meltdown suggests that even Trump’s most staunch supporters in Congress know how damaging tax filing is.

The idea that Donald Trump complied with IRS rules is almost as ridiculous as the idea that Trump is being prosecuted.

If Donald Trump wants to stop being sued, declassifying his tax returns, and being prosecuted, he should stop committing crimes.

Marjorie Taylor gives America a sneak peek at the kind of dysfunctional acceptance of criminals and their crimes that House Republicans will bring before Congress if they take control of the House in just a few days.

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