Marjorie Taylor Greene humiliates herself by claiming a vaccination certificates

MP Marjorie Taylor Greene called the vaccination passport idea Joe Biden’s “mark of the beast,” claiming it was corporate communism.


Marjorie Taylor Greene says that a vaccination record is “Biden’s Mark of the Beast” and that any business that requests it deals with “corporate communism.”

– Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 30, 2021

Rep. Greene said, “They want you to have what is called a COVID passport and that would require your ability to travel. Your ability to go to events. Your ability to buy and sell, and I asked the question today, is this something like Biden’s Mal Of The Beast? Because that’s really annoying. “

Greene called a vaccination passport fascism or communism because she doesn’t know the difference between the two.

A vaccination certificate does not prescribe anything. It will allow people to have a vaccine review so they are less exposed to restrictions when traveling, going out to dinner, or attending events. No sports team has mandated that fans must be vaccinated or not be able to participate.

Vaccination cards are not satanism. They are a sensible way of keeping people safe and they are also an incentive for people to get vaccinated. The vaccine means fewer restrictions and faster normalization.

How dare Satan’s evil brood, Joe Biden, bring Americans to safety and make their lives better?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Republican Party, and they are still fighting to kill as many Americans as possible through ignorance, fear, and disinformation.

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