Man undergoes limb lengthening surgical procedure after rejection

An Atlanta-based Navy veteran named Dynzell SigersThe 27-year-old dropped a BAG to grow from 1.75m to 1.80m – and he says he was inspired to have the limb-lengthening surgery after being turned down for being ‘too small’.

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Years after being labeled “too short,” he underwent limb lengthening surgery

Sigers recently discussed the cosmetic procedure during a meeting with NeedToKnow, according to PEOPLE. Additionally, he also recorded the experience through his TikTok account @mrbrokenbonez.


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He began his surgical journey in December, which earned him a total of $81,000. However, given his experience with “condemned or not accepted,” Dynzell was happy to foot the bill.

“I’ve always been a very shy and reserved kid and have always been afraid to be myself for fear of being judged or not accepted.”

In particular, Dynzell noted that memories of being rejected as a teenager because he was “too small and too young” inspired him to have the surgery.

“As a teenager, I was once rejected by a girl I had a huge crush on, and although she found me attractive, her reasoning was that I was too small and too young for her.”

While the rejection came through his teenage years, Sigers said he “held on” and remained unsure of his height.

“I’ve stuck to that and always checked my height before approaching women, which has often resulted in missed opportunities.”

He says the recovery process has been “smooth” despite learning to walk again TWICE

Because of the uncertainty, he “booked [his] “Make an appointment right away” when he heard about the leg lengthening surgery, popularly referred to as “BBL for men.”

“I’ve looked at many different ways to grow taller over the years, but never had any realistic options. I found out about the limb lengthening and immediately booked my appointment.”

In fact, he traveled to Turkey to have the procedure twice to get seven inches taller. He also had to learn to walk again after both surgeries.

Still, Dynzell Sigers says the process went “smoothly” and was totally worth it.

“My recovery process was smooth…I had to relearn how to walk twice, but both times it didn’t take long.”


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How is the “Men’s BBL” carried out?

As The Shade Room previously reported, the popular operation was recently described as “male BBL” by social media users.

According to Penn Medicine, the procedure is made possible by “controlled lengthening over a period of time”. This is accomplished by inserting a “magnetic lengthening rod and pin” into the bone, which is lengthened at a rate of “0.5mm per day”.


They said it wasn’t possible. From 5’5 to 6’0 through limb lengthening surgery. @LiveLifeTaller #growingtall #growingtaller #growthspurt #limblengthening #limblengtheningsurgery #gettingtall #gettingtaller #sixfoot

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Roommates, would you consider this option for growing longer limbs?

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