Man rewarded with sweet for returning a $4.eight million examine to Haribo

A German The man’s good deed of mailing a $4.8 million check back to the Haribo candy company was “rewarded” with a bare box of gummy bears.

According to a story published in the German newspaper picturethe man, identified only as Anouar G., was on his way home after visiting his mother when he passed the Bürostadt Niederrad S-Bahn station in Frankfurt.

German man finds check made out to Haribo for $4.8 million and honorably briefs her on the situation

A small piece of paper happened to catch his eye, and when he picked it up he found it was a check made out to Haribo for €4,631,538.80, or just over $4.81 million acted.

The check, issued by DZ Bank, was made out to Haribo by German supermarket chain Rewe. Still, Anouar did the responsible thing and contacted Haribo and let them know he had their check.

You act like you can just cash a 4.7 million check and not raise red flags

— hudeyfa  (@hud3yfa) November 15, 2022

He was quickly contacted by an attorney for the candy company who asked him to destroy the check and send a photo as evidence, which he did.

A few days later, Haribo mailed him a thank you letter for his help, including six measly bags of Haribo gummies for his troubles.

“I thought that was a bit cheap,” Anouar told Bild, which translated from German into English means: “I thought it was a bit cheap.”

Social media responded to a meager reward, with many unanimous if he deserved more

To add insult to injury, Forbes estimates the company’s revenue “exceeds $3 billion,” meaning they could easily have rewarded him with monetary compensation had he done the right thing NBC Boston.

The “Haribo” lettering on the facade of one of the company’s factories. (Photo by Sebastian Willnow/Picture Alliance via Getty Images)

Reactions on social media were mostly divided as to whether Anouar deserved a bigger reward than what he was getting. Some commentators even said he was earning less than he was already getting

“Y’all act like you can just cash a check for 4.7 MILLION and not raise red flags,” one person tweeted.

Another tweeted, “so he traded a worthless piece of paper (worthless because they would void the check if lost) for 6 packs of candy. That’s a decent deal for him.”

According to a Haribo spokesman, the company was never in financial jeopardy because the check was not made out to the Good Samaritan

Meanwhile, many argued that not everyone would have been so altruistic and helpful in such a situation, which would have caused major problems for the candy company if they hadn’t been.

(Photo by Ina FASSBENDER/AFP) (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

“I would have walked into the bank and said ‘I’m Mr. Haribo,'” admitted one Twitter user. “I’m going to my new villa, Buggoti [sic] and a woman who only wants me for my money after taking 4.7 million from Haribo,” wrote another.

The company has yet to respond to TODAY Food’s request for comment, but a spokesman told a reporter from Bild, making an interesting counterpoint to Anouar’s actions, which is that the check was made out to Haribo and not him, so the company never was in any kind of financial danger.

“Because it was a crossed check, no one but our company could have cashed it,” says a translation of what Haribo told Bild about the matter. “That was our standard package that we send out as a thank you.”

What do you think, roomies? Should Anouar have been better rewarded for his kind deed?

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