Man reveals his daughter’s mom eradicating braids from his spouse

A man exposed his daughter’s mother for her reaction to his wife braiding his daughter’s hair. According to screenshots of an alleged text thread with the mother, she removed the style – and mocked the father with progress photos. Now Facebook users are debating the impact of shared parenting relationships on children.

“So my daughter’s mom put these pigtails in my baby head on b4 Thanksgiving day and her head and scalp looked like this,” the dad wrote on Facebook. “So I had my wife do something quick and clean on my baby’s head after I put her down. And so her mother acted.”

The father, identified as Kirk Stone on his profile, also included photos and videos of the child’s hair before and after the new hairstyle. In the previous footage, the young girl’s hair was styled in cornrows with white beads at the ends. The style seemed days old — the shaggy Jim Jones special.

Woman braids hair, mother takes out style

Kirk’s Facebook profile shows he is engaged to Dajanai Latrese – not yet married. In the viral post, however, he addresses his partner as his “wife.” At Kirk’s request, the fiancé/wife opted for cornrows adorned with the same white beads. But the girl’s mother, identified as Amari Jones in the text thread, was unhappy with the Dajanai’s efforts, calling the style a waste of time.

“So you let your girlfriend touch my daughter’s hair? For NO REASON, HUH wasted her time TAKE IT DOWN,” the mom allegedly wrote.

The mother has attached a photo of the partially taken out style. Minutes later, she wrote, “MADE SIE SIT FOR NO REASON.” Eleven minutes after the first text, the mother sent another picture of her daughter’s hair. This time the braided style was completely gone and her hair was swept into two vertical buns.

The mother attempted to call Kirk within a minute of sending the updated photo. It’s unclear if the parents spoke on the phone after the missed call, or when exactly the text messages were sent. But Kirk released the status and footage on Monday afternoon — days after Thanksgiving.

Facebook users react to the father’s post

As of Tuesday, the post had over 7,300 shares and almost 3,000 comments. Reactions have ranged from “bitter mom” comments to questions about what led to their troubled co-parenting. So why did the father share this private dispute? He says he wanted to show evidence of what he believes to be typical behavior.

“I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to show a little example of the bitterness and ignorance that hurts my baby to try to hurt me. SAD,” Stone wrote.

Dajanai also shared Kirk’s post and wrote “sad and very bitter” in her caption.

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