Maggie Haberman is outed pro-Trump and CNN ignores it

CNN had turned on Maggie Haberman to discuss the 1/6 committee report and never asked her about the fact that the testimony before the committee revealed that she was “Trump-friendly.”

Here was Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the 1/6 Committee:

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony reveals Maggie Haberman is worse than we all thought, which was pretty bad.

— Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) December 23

Video from Haberman on CNN on Friday:

Haberman made it clear where she stood when she refused to call Donald Trump a racist.

Maggie Haberman’s career is built on access to Trump. Without insider information from Trump and his closest circle, it has no purpose in journalism.

Haberman either sold out to Trump, or she’s practicing the worst kind of access journalism, where she’s agreed to be pro-Trump in exchange for the kind of inside information that has allowed her to get rich by writing about Trump reported.

If Trump’s loved ones view Haberman as friendly, their reporting should be viewed with skepticism. It is amazing that so many on America’s left and center fail to understand that media professionals like Maggie Haberman are sympathetic to Trump and other Republicans.

The corporate media is not neutral. They don’t care about facts. The priority of corporate media is profit.

Maggie Haberman is pro-Trump in the media, and instead of asking her about that claim in the 116 Committee testimony, CNN ignored her because being pro-Trump is part of the corporate media business model.

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