London On Da Observe implies that he misses Summer time Walker after their latest breakup

Roommate, London On Da Track and his (currently) ex-girlfriend Summer Walker broke up several times this year before she announced she was pregnant – but now it looks like London wants the old thing back . In a recent post on social media, London On Da Track was supposed to showcase his private jet trips, but in the end he let everyone know that he still misses Summer Walker.

While their relationship is currently suspended despite having a child together, it appears London On Da Track wants Summer Walker to return home – at least according to his last activity on Instagram.

After a fan recently posted a photo of himself flying alone in a private jet, he said, “If you miss Summer, just say so.” Not only did London notice the comment, it went further by pinning it so everyone (especially Summer) can see where their real feelings are.

As we previously reported, Summer Walker posted a message on Instagram to one of the mothers of London On Da Tracks children, Eboni Ivori, who clapped back in a big way with her own response.

Summer wrote:

“Mf really adores money, that’s crazy. Money over everything. About your friends, your family, your children, money about you. F ** k integrity, f ** k self-love, self-care, development, growth, healing while you have money? Strange concept to understand. “

In the meantime, Eboni followed:

“Yu the first 2 call me and they are all broke. That’s all you’re good for all the time. Now you want to be dramatic and want sympathy. B ** ch please. “

As of now, London and Summer have not publicly acknowledged their plans to get back together.

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