Logan Paul brings up tales circulating that Floyd Mayweather knocked him out throughout their exhibition sport

We all know by now that Floyd Mayweather was doing some work on Logan Paul at the exhibition game in Miami on Sunday night. While some people expressed disappointment that the boxing champ didn’t knock out the YouTuber, others speculated on social media that Logan did indeed drop out at some point. A video began circulating on social media on Monday allegedly showing Floyd knocking out Logan but stopping him to continue the show.

Well, it looks like Logan got wind of the rumors for going over to his official Instagram account on Monday to deny the gossip!

“People try to spin it and say he knocked me out and caught me and stopped me to keep the fight going through round eight,” Logan said. “Shut up, just shut up. Stop discrediting what happened last night. “

The video in question shows an exhausted Logan leaning into Floyd after eating a hard punch from the champion. Floyd appears to be keeping Logan up in a kind of hug, however. The video was tweeted from a sports account called Foot Basket with a caption that caused a stir.

“” Floyd Mayweather actually knocked out Logan Paul but held him up during the fight to carry him through 8 rounds, “Foot Basket tweeted.

According to Newsweek, at the time of publication, the short video had received over 1.2 million views and more than 16,000 likes. As of Wednesday, the video was disabled on Foot Basket’s account, citing a report from the copyright owner.

In Monday’s reply, Logan admitted that Floyd landed a few good punches on him. To be precise, the statistics showed that Floyd had a 43:28 landing advantage. In addition, Floyd landed 17 body shots against Logan’s one body shot.

“Make no mistake, he’s got a lot of good punches,” Logan said on his videos. “There are a couple of photos… I took a couple of shots. I didn’t know that my face would like to make this shape. “

Even so, Logan ended the video by continuing to deny the knockout stories.

“Never rocked, never passed out, never obviously passed out,” Logan said. “He didn’t stop me. He tried to turn me off but couldn’t. It was great.”

However, Logan’s Foot Basket doesn’t seem to be easing off. They re-released the video on Wednesday evening. In their caption, they accused him of having the original clip removed.

“@LoganPaul had removed the original video because it is sensitive and triggered. Here is the video of the deceitful boxer being KO and again stopped by Floyd, ”wrote Foot Basket.

Roommate, how did you like the show match?

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