Lizzo talks concerning the criticism she’s confronted after the discharge of her newest single

Lizzo is known for a variety of things, including catchy anthems that are known to rise to the top of the charts. She is also known as an advocate of body positivity and the embrace of the skin you are in. With the release of her latest single, Rumors, there was some critical feedback that led Lizzo to show her vulnerable side to her fans on emotional Instagram Live.

Now she speaks to Good Morning America about the critics and the message she hopes her music can help her audience.

During her interview, Lizzo said, “I have nothing against criticism of my music, not even the fat comments. Sometimes I just find it unfair how people like me are treated. “

She continued, “People say, ‘Don’t let them see you with their heads down.’ My head is always up. Even when I’m upset and crying, my head is up. But I know that my job as an artist is to reflect sometimes, and that shouldn’t fly. That shouldn’t be okay. “

Sharing that black women have suffered marginalization over the years, Lizzo would feel like it could have been deleted without the presence of social media, adding, “But I chose not to deny and I made up my mind to be loud and “I made up my mind to be great.”

. @ GMA EXCLUSIVE: @lizzo addresses the hurtful messages she received after releasing her song # Rumors with @iamcardib: “I know it’s my job as an artist to think sometimes and that shouldn’t fly. That shouldn’t be okay. “@JujuChangABC reports. Https://

– Good Morning America (@GMA) August 18, 2021

As we previously reported, Lizzo released her new single “Rumors” with Cardi B, as well as the song’s music video while addressing the rumors surrounding her. Despite some negative feedback, Lizzo shared some trust to inspire others.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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