Lizzo surprises her mother with a automobile this Christmas is so cute

Lizzo Her mother felt so good as hell this Christmas season when she gave her a brand new Audi.

The “Truth Hurts” singer shared the video in which she presented her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson by car on Instagram, along with an emotional caption.

“Remember crying in my car when my father died, no job, no money to live, and wish I could one day take care of my family,” wrote the flautist. “I couldn’t do it for my dad, so I’ll make sure I spoil mom. Happy Holidays everyone.”

In the video, Lizzo let her mother (who she is the likeness of) close her eyes before taking her to the driveway where her new vehicle was waiting. Shari immediately burst into tears.

After hugging her daughter and thanking her, Shari said, “You see these on TV, but you never expect it to happen to you.”

The fans loved Lizzo’s heartwarming gesture. One wrote in the comments: “THESE people do you with all your hard work! Take care of your parents … especially when they took care of you!”

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